Cameron's Lake: Open to Members Only, from Sunrise to 30 Minutes before sunset June - October.

Cancellations and Inclement Weather:

*In the case of inclement weather the shuttles will run if there are paid customers before 12:45PM. At that time we will close shuttles for the day if no one has shown up to ride. 

*In case of inclement weather if there are less than 5 people riding the shuttles we will only service a half day, shuttles will end at 2:15PM. 

*In any situation where we have or may cancel shuttles or close early we will post on Facebook and Twitter.  Please check these sights is you are unsure. 

*Shuttles will not run if there is Thunder / Lightening. If this occurs during a thunderstorm we will stop shuttling for a minimum of 30 minutes. 

Do I have to pay to visit to Keppoch Mountain?

Day use fee is $10 dollar per person or $30 per family for non members for Biking and Skiing and $5 and $20 for general. Members get 24-7 365 day a year access to the trails. You can come up to hike, bike or snowshoe anytime.

WHY A FEE? we rely on our memberships to help maintain and build our Keppoch facilities. We have done extensive work on the trail systems and aim to offer some of the best designed, maintained, enjoyable and of course safe trails in the Maritimes. All this attention does come at a cost. As a non-profit all your support goes right back into the facility and allows us to continue to develop new trails and move forward new projects like the our upcoming Boulder Climbing Park, Accessibility trail, new DH-MTB trails as well as many others.

ALL user must sign a waiver form - see below. 



Why do I have to sign a consent form?

Keppoch is a private outdoor facility and like any outdoor facilities that encourage outdoor activities, there are risks associated. While we do our best to keep the trails clear of debris and well maintained, accidents do happen. The consent form ensures you know the risks and your responsibilities. Waivers must be signed once per calendar year for general trail access OR for every special event (gravity park shuttles included) You can find them located at The Keppoch lodge or by clicking here.  If the lodge is not open leave your signed waiver and fee in the donation box on the lodge patio. 

How much is a membership?

Membership to the Positive Action for the Keppoch Society are $50/year for individuals or $100/year for a family. Want to become a member? Click here to see more about the benefits of membership and to sign up.

Is the lodge open 24/7?

The Lodge is open Saturdays and Sundays from 10A-4P, unfortunately we do not have the staff or the capacity to keep the lodge open 24/7, but we do our best to open the lodge every every chance we can. If you want access to the lodge for a special event or function it is best to contact us directly HERE we can often accomodate your request and we do rent the facility for private / special functions. 


 What is the Camping and Overnight Parking Policy?

Unfortunately we do not currently offer camping or overnight parking services. We understand there is a demand for this and we are working towards some great options. Until then we are not licensed or insured for camping onsite or overnight parking. There are many great paces to camp or park your RV in the greater region. Check out Tourism NS page for campgrounds on the Northumberland shore: CAMP.

Also, check out the Visit Antigonish site for:

Accommodations: HERE

Dining: HERE

Are dogs allowed on the Mountain?

Yes, we couldn’t imagine going for a hike without our furry friends. If you are taking your pet up the mountain, please remember that we all share the trails and pet owners are expected to pooper-scoop. We also want to remind you that on a warm day, it’s always best to bring your pet lots of water. We are also a leash required facililty. This is also to protect your best friends - the Keppoch is part of wild and vast back country woodlands, there are critters that are not as friendly to our little friends as we would hope (think porcupines!) we do not want to see anyone's canine friend get hurt.  

Make sure you clean up after your pet and carry out any waste as we are not always around to empty the trash bins - please don't leave a doggy surprise for us! Thank you. Also, please ensure you clean up after your companion on the trails as well, no one likes stepping in or riding their bike through unexpected dog leavings.

* It is important to note that pets are not allowed in the lodge.

Can I rent the lodge for a private function?

Absolutely! For more information on lodge rentals, please contact us here. Be sure to include "Lodge Rental Request" in the subject line. Members receive a discount on lodge rentals! $500 per day for Non-Members $400 for members or $75 / $50 an hour. If you are considering renting the lodge you can often save money overall by getting your membership first! MEMBERSHIPS

Do you have group activities like group hikes or snowshoeing?

There is always something happening at Keppoch including scheduled group activities that are free of charge although we do recommend a donation of at least $5 per person or $20 per family per visit. Check out the Events or check out our Facebook page for more information.

How can I support Keppoch?

We are always excited to see new members. You can find more information on becoming a member by visiting our membership page, or sending us an email. Memberships are at the core of how we pay to maintain the trails, plow teh parking lot and turn the lights on. becoming a member not only gives you access to the facility 24-7 but is the best way to support. 

Want to make an annual or one-time donation? We appreciate that too! Visit the Donations page for more information. If you up on the mountain and you’ve really enjoyed yourself and want to make a donation on site, there is a donation box on the grounds, just outside of the Lodge.

* Any donations of $20 or more is elligable to receive a chartiable tax receipt! You will receive your receipt after you have made your donation online. 


Keppoch is a leave no trace facility, pack out everything you brought in. Small articles of trash can be disposed of in the lodge / outhouse waste bins or if you have trash bags of your own please deposit them in the waste bin at the end of the parking lot. This includes dog leavings - please be prepared to pack out our fury friends waste as well. 

*Diapers, please do not leave diapers in the trash inside the lodge or in the outhouses. We are not always around to empty these bins and it can cause some unpleasantness for other users. 

Thank you for helping us keep the trails and the facility clean.

For more information please contact us directly EMAIL or try us on Facebook