Do I have to pay to visit to Keppoch Mountain?

 We recommend a $5 dollar donation per person or $20 per family for non members. You can come up to hike, bike or snowshoe anytime but please remember, we rely on our memberships to help maintain and build our Keppoch facilities. Your support allows us to continue to develop new trails including our most recent projects like the kids climbing wall and accessibility trail.

Remember, all Keppoch visitors are required to sign a consent form before using or accessing the trails. You can find one by clicking here or we have lots available in hard copy at the lodge.

Why do I have to sign a consent form?

Keppoch is a private outdoor facility and like any outdoor facilities that encourage outdoor activities, there are risks associated. While we do our best to keep the trails clear of debris and well maintained, accidents do happen. The consent form ensures you know the risks and your responsibilities. You can find them located at The Keppoch or by clicking here.

How much is a membership?

Membership to the Positive Action for the Keppoch Society are $50/year for individuals or $100/year for a family. Want to become a member? Click here to see more about the benefits of membership and to sign up.

Is the lodge open 24/7?

The Lodge is open Saturdays and Sundays from 10A-4P, unfortunately we do not have the staff or the capacity to keep the lodge open 24/7, but we do our best to open the lodge every every chance we can.


Are dogs allowed on the Mountain?

Yes, we couldn’t imagine going for a hike without our furry friends. If you are taking your pet up the mountain, please remember that we all share the trails and pet owners are expected to pooper-scoop. We also want to remind you that on a warm day, it’s always best to bring your pet lots of water.

* It is important to note that pets are not allowed in the lodge.

Can I rent the lodge for a private function?

Absolutely! For more information on lodge rentals, please contact us here. Be sure to include "Lodge Rental Request" in the subject line. 

Do you have group activities like group hikes or snowshoeing?

There is always something happening at Keppoch including scheduled group activities that are free of charge although we do recommend a donation of at least $5 per person or $20 per family per visit. Check out the Events or check out our Facebook page for more information.

How can I support Keppoch?

We are always excited to see new members. You can find more information on becoming a member by visiting our membership page, or sending us an email.

Want to make an annual or one-time donation? We appreciate that too! Visit the Donations page for more information. If you up on the mountain and you’ve really enjoyed yourself and want to make a donation on site, there is a donation box on the grounds, just outside of the Lodge.

For addional inquires please feel to email us or send us a message on facebook.