Trail Map, Trail Grid and Rules of Access. 

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Trail Rules

Keppoch Mountain has a variety of trails that are shared by multiple user groups. We are as inclusive as possible but we do have a few hard and fast rules that we regulate for everyone's safety and enjoyment. 

  •  NO Motorized Vehicles on any trails at any time for any reason. 
  • Downhill Mountain Bike only trails: We have 8 Designated trails that are designated for downhill mountain bike traffic ONLY. the Trails are posted as such. This is a safety concern. As an easy guide, generally, with some exceptions, these trails are within the Summit Loop Hiking route. The Trails are, from East to West:
    • Chicken Cougar
    • Roller
    • Money Shot
    • Switchcraft
    • Old School
    • Freeride
    • Jackson Bowl DH* (temp name)
    • Skyline
  • In the winter all trails are open for Hiking and snowshoing, please ask if you are unsure about the use of trails. 

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    Prohibited and Safety Rules:

    • Dogs on the trails must be on a leash. This is for their safety as much as anyone else. 
    • Drugs and Alcohol are prohibited everywhere within the bounds of the Keppoch Facilities, including the Cameron Lake property. Exceptions can be made for special events, if arranged before hand with Keppoch Staff. For special function rentals please CONTACT US.   
    • NO Smoking anywhere on the Keppoch Facilities including the parking lot, Cameron Lakes and Gravel Pit.
    • NO Fires anywhere on Keppoch Land. 
    • Camping, unfortunatley we are not licensed or insured for camping or overnight parking and we cannot allow it anywhere on the facility, including the parking lot.  
    • Access: Trails, Parking Lot, Outhouses and Changing rooms are open 24-7 365 Days a year.
      • Please note that staff is rarely available during the week and after 5P.M.
      • Use of all trails and facilities is at your own risk and ALL user MUST sign and agree to our waiver of liability.
        • If you are planning on visiting outside of lodge open hours (Saturday and Sunday 10A.M.-4P.M.).  Print your waiver here and leave it in the donation box on the back porch of the lodge along with your trail access fee ($5 non-member individual $20 for families).  
        • To pay fee with credit card you can make a donation through HERE.

    Right of Way Rules on Trails:

    • Right of way in the Summer: Bikers YIELD to Runners who YIELD to Hikers / Walkers. 
    • Right of way in the Winter: Sleds YIELD to Bikers who YIELD to Skiers who YIELD to Snowshoers who yield to Hikers / walkers.
    • Everyone yields to Wheel Chairs and Baby Strollers.  
    • Downhill traffic always yields to uphill Traffic

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